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Gojko Mitic

(c) 1997-2001
Gojko Mitic

Born in former Yugoslavia, Gojko Mitic was a sports student in Zagreb, when he went to West Germany to take on supporting roles in Karl May movies, such as the famous Winnetou series. A few years later, he helped to create the phenomenon of the Indianerfilm - in East Germany. From 1966 to 1983, Gojko was the Native American for millions of East Germans - as the hero in 12 East German "Indian movies".

Despite appearances in other movies and TV series, Gojko Mitic never lost his image as the "Chefindianer der DEFA", and in 1992 he replaced West German movie star Pierre Brice starring as Winnetou at the annual open-air "Karl-May-Festspiele" in Bad Segeberg/Germany, on stage since 1952. At age 55, Gojko Mitic is still riding his horse as a proud "Indian"...